Water strategy

Canbriam has enacted a three part water strategy that involves sourcing, recycling, and effective disposal.

This innovative approach to water ensures that we are carefully managing our critical fresh water resources in a responsible way. This approach also ensures that our long term development is supported with sufficient water requirements. 

In early 2010, we obtained a 20-year permit to withdraw 10,000 m3 per day from Williston Lake.  In early 2015, we completed an extension to our water pipeline to connect directly to our newly constructed water handling & recycling facility at c-62-A, part of the Altares Processing Facility.

This water hub has two large ponds, Pond A is designed to hold 35,000 m3 and Pond B is capable of holding 45,000 m3 of water. This facility includes mechanical water filtration and chemical treatment systems designed to process frac flowback water for re-use in completions.  Water is piped to and from each pad location within our development area, which eliminates the need to truck water saving time, lowering cost and greatly reducing traffic in the area. 

Canbriam has also filed application for a disposal well to effectively dispose of the small amounts of waste water that is no longer fit for recycling. 

View this video to learn more about Canbriam’s innovative water strategy

Aerial view of Ponds A and B at Canbriam’s water hub facility

The water hub facility control room

Inlet piping for existing ponds and spare lines for future expansion

Pumps located inside the water hub that move water from the hub to the pads

A pond pump: retrieves water from the pond and sends it to the water hub facility

Bird deterrents are placed over Canbriam’s ponds to help prevent birds from landing in the ponds

Canbriam’s fresh water intake site at Williston Lake

Aerial view of the fresh water intake site at Williston Lake

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