Subsurface & technical approach

Our approach to subsurface reservoir characterization was the key reason Canbriam chose the Altares region of the Montney.  The Altares possesses a combination of geological attributes that make it unique within the Montney.

What differentiates the Altares Montney?

Our 100% owned and operated North Altares asset is the focal point for our development activity and has four key attributes that differentiate it from other Montney plays:

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1. Over-pressured reservoir

The North Altares is significantly over-pressured in the Main Fault Block, resulting in higher EUR. Canbriam’s downhole choke strategy enhances EUR, improves well economics, sustains liquids yield, and supports low declines.


Pressure gradient mapping
Source: ITG, raw data from Geoscout

2. High liquids content

In 2014 the average liquids yield was approximately 40 bbls/MMcf and consisted of approximately 60% condensate, 20% propane and 20% butane.


Liquids mapping

3. Significant thickness

Total Montney thickness is approximately 300 m (1,100 ft) deep which results in four commercial development intervals.


4. Subsurface compartmentalization

The fault compartmentalization leads to distinct high-pressure regions with consistent well results. Canbriam’s near-term development plan is focused within the Main Fault Block and North Fault Block.

Our approach to subsurface reservoir characterization allowed us to focus on the Altares area.

At Canbriam, our technical approach to reservoir characterization is a sustainable advantage. These disciplines work in real time with our operations teams to optimize drilling & completions work and our well performance.

Our experienced team of geologists, geophysicists and other geo scientists work together in an integrated manner to fully understand all aspects of our resource base.