Our infrastructure

Canbriam’s operational strategy is characterized by our ownership and control of all field infrastructure: processing facilities, midstream gathering assets, water handling assets and camps.  We also control the roads within our main development area.  This approach reduces our reliance on third parties, ensures compliance to safety and operating procedures, and ultimately lowers operating costs.

Altares Processing Facility

In early 2015, Canbriam commissioned the first phase of the Altares Processing Facility, located at b-72-A. The facility is designed to reach a total capacity of 400 MMcf/d and is being built in four successive phases.  Phase 1 has nameplate capacity of 80 MMcf/d or approximately 15,000 boe/d including natural gas liquids.  In October 2015, Canbriam completed Phase 2 taking total capacity to 160 MMcf/d or approximately 30,000 boe/d.

Plans are in place and long lead-time equipment has been ordered for phase 3, which represents an additional 120 MMcf/d expansion to the Altares Processing Facility. 

The Altares Processing Facility also includes the water handling & recycling facility, located at c-62-A, immediately adjacent to the b-72-A plant site.

Aerial view of the Altares Processing facility

Storage bullets holding natural gas liquids

Aerial view of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 process train

Gary Gardiner, Chief Operating Officer, touring the Altares Processing Facility

One of the facility’s inlet separators

Staff approaching a facility inlet/sales gas infrastructure

Staff on an inspection tour of the facility

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Altares Processing Facility construction

Below are time lapse videos of Phase 1 and 2 construction of the Altares Processing Facility.

Phase 1

Phase 2

(See more time lapse video on our YouTube channel)

b-24-H facility

Our 50 mmcf/d shallow cut refrigeration facility located at b-24-H, has been operating at capacity since early 2013.

Aerial view of the b-24-H facility

View of the inlet and sales pipeline

Cooler section of the inlet compressor

NGL storage bullets

Close-up view of the inlet and sales pipeline

Entry view of the b-24-H facility

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