The environment

At Canbriam we believe in the responsible development of our resource base.

We plan our development with care, taking into consideration ways to limit and mitigate our environmental impact. Protecting the environment and ensuring its sustainability for future generations is simply the right thing to do.



Canbriam strives to minimize surface land disturbance when planning projects.

Pad development and horizontal drilling allows us to produce from multiple commercial Montney zones from one surface location. Our pads can accommodate between 18-24 wells, which minimizes overall surface impact. We align roads and pipelines where we can to reduce our total footprint.

Wherever possible, we develop land that has been previously cleared for activities such as forestry, mining, and oil and gas exploration.



Canbriam has enacted a three part water strategy; sourcing, recycling, and effective disposal.

In 2012 we commissioned a water pipeline from the Williston Lake Reservoir. Our Williston Lake water license allows us to extract up to 10,000 m3/d, which is sufficient for our current and future needs. This keeps us from withdrawing water from local rivers and environmentally sensitive water sources.

In March 2015, we commissioned a water treatment and recycling facility in North Altares. This facility allows us to recycle and reuse up to 100% of produced water.

We are working towards regulatory approval of a disposal well for our future development. We have completed injectivity testing and expect to obtain regulatory approval in the future.



When building new facilities, we install environmentally protective equipment such as vapor recovery units that are designed to reduce emissions.

We are increasing our use of solar power to run some of our equipment, decreasing our use of fuel burning generators.

In addition, as part of our water strategy, we have in-field water distribution pipes connected to each drilling pad allowing us to move water to and from these pads without trucking. This reduces the number of trucks needed for our operations and lowers emissions.