Our strategy & approach

Canbriam believes that the quality of its resource is one component that differentiates the company. Its early efforts to identify a scalable, low cost supply source led to a focus in the Altares Montney play in northeast BC.  The Montney is a world class resource and the Altares is among the best areas in the trend.

Canbriam was founded on the idea that an integrated approach where great people in their individual disciplines collaborate to achieve common objectives and continuously improve results. Canbriam’s strategy and its culture are centered on this idea.

Canbriam creates value for its shareholders by applying the most relevant technologies while collaborating and integrating disciplines. 

We believe that teamwork is the foundation of our success and have established a culture where problem solving skills and excellence are valued.  Our business is extracting natural gas hydrocarbons in a safe and responsible way.  Our approach is characterized by three aspects: Resource, Innovation; Collaboration.



All Montney is not created equal. Canbriam’s Altares Montney is concentrated and is differentiated by its thickness, reservoir pressure and liquid hydrocarbon yield, which combine to create an asset with consistent returns and long-term sustainable growth.

Asset highlights:

  • Anomalously high reservoir pressure
  • Amongst the highest liquid yield in Montney
  • Top quartile F&D
  • Top quartile recycle ratio
  • Top quartile Opex

Our land base has 1,100ft of Montney vertical thickness on ~183,000 (>60% liquids rich) net acres. We have identified and tested up to 6 target horizons and are currently developing the Montney in 4 target zones.



At Canbriam innovation involves more than just technological developments. It is the integration of technology and people. Our approach is to put the team’s vast experience to work and allow them to do what they do best. Our innovative thinking led to the pursuit of a permanent license to source water from Williston Lake, a full development in-field water strategy, a water recycling and treatment plan and a local responsible disposal strategy. Our water line is one of only two water pipelines that source Montney completions in BC. A proactive water sourcing strategy will supply Canbriam’s development needs for the next 20 years, and will completely eliminate the need for trucking water.



At Canbriam, collaboration and multi-disciplinary integration is key to our success. This approach allows leaders in their individual disciplines to work together to discover new ways to maximize opportunities and deliver on business objectives. An example of our collaborative and integrated approach is the way in which we carry out drilling and completions operations. Our subsurface team is highly involved and changes are made as necessary while operations are underway. Canbriam is led by a team of experienced professionals who have established a culture where employees are encouraged to take appropriate risks.